Creating Economic Opportunity

Adosia is an open hardware IoT initiative to enable new and disruptive global economic opportunity. The Adosia initiative will deploy a permissionless platform leveraging synergistic decentralized technologies, applications and marketplaces for the Cardano ecosystem.
The Adosia initiative enables a variety of new opportunities for creators, builders and entrepreneurs to monetize creations and services while encouraging open (hardware and software) collaborations. These opportunities can be categorized under two primary focus areas of development:
  • Embedded IoT - P2P Marketplaces for IP Data (Operating Profiles) and IoT Services
  • 3D Printing - Decentralized P2P Manufacturing and Physical NFT Drops

Enabling Cascading Waves of Innovation

When systems are created that adequately incentivize the goods & services being provided by individuals or teams there is natural innovation that occurs as a result. The Adosia platform is linking multiple technologies and providing low barriers for participants with maximum upside earning potential based on the performance & delivery capability.
To ensure the system is incentivizing innovation and continuous business growth potential a reputation metric will be used that will evolve over time via participant feedback from all parties. With properly aligned incentives the users, designers, and fulfillment providers will organically strive to meet requirements & achieve satisfaction.
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