Phases of the Project

Phase 1
Enable NFT drops & enterprise partnerships to integrate custom NFT drops.
  • Enablement of 2D image to 3D prints - ex. Lithophane prints.
  • Building out decentralized fulfillment network starting with capable 3D printer/ operators.
  • Hardware/ software solutions readily available, opensource and permissionless.
Phase 2
The peer2peer SC Marketplace will be deployed.
  • Design selection with ratings based on feedback from provider testing and/ or user experience of end product received.
  • Incentivized 3rd party dispute resolution process in place.
Phase 3
Decentralization of Adosia
  • Formation of Adosia DAO with governance of treasury & platform parameters determined by holders of Adosia governance tokens.
  • Decentralized fulfillment scaled to all major geographical regions with localized providers available for optimum efficiency & waste reduction.