Cardano Box

The Cardano Box is the underlying application and the brains of Cardano OS.
Cardano OS is a Linux Distribution based on openSuse Linux and is already preloaded with software to help you interact and traverse the Cardano Blockchain.
The idea for Cardano Box/OS is to give users a simple Linux distribution which comes with a web interface to access the Cardano blockchain.
Cardano Box/OS will allow you to easily launch your own Cardano Nodes to access the Cardano blockchain locally from your home or business using a Web UI. It will have its own wallet called Cardano Box Wallet, which will allow the user to visually create and tailor their own transactions.
It will allow users to create their own Policies and min their own FT and NFT assets from a single user interface.
It also comes preloaded with tools like the Cardano-Submit-Api a user can enable which allows for all major wallets like CCVault, Nami and Flint to submit Transactions helping with TX times during congestion times.
Cardano Box/OS is designed to run on ARM and x86 hardware. Currently Minimum requirements: - 8Gb Ram - 6+ Core Cpu - 128Gb+ SSD/NVMe Hard Drive - LAN/WiFi internet access