Space Printer

Space Printer is a dapp designed to run on Most Raspberry pi 3 series and up.
It will run a small firmware on it that will present a web interface for configuration, like your printer wallet address using the Cardano Serialization Library to do all the wallet creation and signing securely on the devices in the users web browser and registering your printer with the Adosia smart contracts and selecting print jobs.
It will connect to the users 3D printer utilizing USB cable which will give the 3D printer access to the Adosia 3D Printer smart contract market place.
There will be two options for Space Printer to pull data from the Cardano blockchain.
#1 Blockfrost, from which you can get a free API key that gives you up to 50k requests a day which is MORE than enough for space printer. You will also be able to reuse the API key on more than one device.
#2 Cardano Box From Adosia. Cardano Box runs Ogmios that is hooked up to the Cardano Node directly. If you have the know how on how to setup Ogmios and Cardano-node on your own hardware you can point Space Printer towards that as well.