Path to Decentralization

Steps to Decentralization:
  • Alpha
Closed development stage: Participation limited to Adosia personnel. Hardware and software development for printer integration, node hosting, and user interface. Smart contract development for all marketplace interactions. Designs for beta test NFT launch. Recruitment of printer operators for beta test fulfillment and feedback.
  • Beta
Open development stage: 3D print NFT sale open to public. Printer operators limited to Adosia personnel and pre-registered printer operators. The marketplace will be live for nft owners to list print jobs for fulfilment by printer operators. All rocket nft prints will be at fixed cost. Recruitment of designers to begin populating the marketplace with products. Exploration of partnerships with humanitarian aid organizations for donation of printed products.
  • Public
Public release stage: Open participation for Designers, Consumers, and Printer Operators. Dispute resolution administrated by Adosia personnel and incentivized participation from platform users. All user interactions and transactions utilize marketplace smart contracts for decentralized operation.
  • Production
Full release stage: Decentralized. All users interact with the marketplace equally including Adosia personnel. No admin. Platform governance and dispute resolution performed by platform users through a transparent system of credentialization and locked value incentives including ADA and ADO tokens.

Adosia DAO

The ultimate vision of Adosia is to be fully decentralized and self-sustainable. However, in the early stages, it is critically important to get the platform functioning as designed and see it through to the fully-envisioned version.
The Adosia marketplace will be run with a core group of participants, but over time will be decentralized via many node operators, i.e. Cardano stake pool operators running instances and being incentivized through ADO token distribution.
In time, the Adosia DAO will be designed to allow the users and token holders to take over the reins, yet still allow a reasonable degree of control for the developers in the beginning.